Looking back, planning ahead

At the start of the New Year it’s always good to reflect on some of the successes, changes and developments of the previous year.

At DataSalon, 2017 was a ‘busy one’ and we were pleased to welcome a number of new clients into the fold, each with their own aims for getting the most from their customer data. We’re now processing over 1.4 billion rows of customer data every month for the 25 publishers worldwide who enthusiastically use MasterVision.

Our blog continues to be well read, and certain subject areas were notably popular with readers: charting customer data; cleaning and transforming data; and making the most of customer data that is otherwise lying dormant and not fully utilised. Data quality and data ROI will undoubtedly be recurring themes in 2018 too, and will keep academic publishers suitably busy.

An important area that is demanding much attention is the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and we were pleased to announce our GDPR compliance as a “data processor” to handle personal data on behalf of our clients. As the May deadline for the new legislation approaches, we look forward to supporting our clients in delivering to their new (and more demanding) obligations. MasterVision itself is also providing clever technology to manage contact permissions and customer communications more effectively.

We made big strides in developing the core analytics functionality of MasterVision, with the addition of flexible and beautiful interactive dashboards. Developments also included some smart but less well-known features you may have missed. We’ve been working hard to provide constant improvements to MasterVision clients, and have delivered no less than 2 enhancements per week on average throughout 2017! This is helping to support a growing user base that is running over 5k searches and reports a week.

We also launched our new service DataSalon DQ, aimed directly at the needs of scholarly publishers. DataSalon DQ is a fully-hosted data quality solution, providing a flexible toolkit for analyzing and improving the quality and accuracy of any data set. Along with an extensive toolkit to clean and transform data, users are able to quickly match organizations in their data to reference data sets such as GRID.

As well as providing services such as MasterVision and DataSalon DQ, we have extensive experience in delivering customer data services outside of those that we’re most known for, and are often asked to provide our expertise in areas where in-house resource is limited; from automatically matching org records to reference data sets such as GRID or Ringgold, to cleaning and transforming data into usable formats, to API data collection and harvesting solutions. You never know, we could help you too. There is always more you can squeeze from your data, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!