Nick Andrews – Managing Director

profile_nickNick is the founder and Managing Director of DataSalon and is responsible for the overall running and direction of the business. Nick has expertise in many areas including project management, data analysis, strategic planning and web development. Nick founded DataSalon in 2006 as a ‘spin off’ company from a successful consultancy business established in 2003.

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Andy Dobson – Client Services Director

profile_andyAndy is responsible for overseeing DataSalon’s relationships with all of our clients, and ensuring that we provide the highest level of service to every publisher we work with. He is an experienced and accomplished client manager with over 15 years’ experience within the scholarly publishing industry.

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Jon Monday – Technical Director

profile_jonJon is the technical mastermind behind many of DataSalon’s projects, combining cutting-edge innovation with a firm belief in ‘doing things properly’. Jon is highly experienced in every aspect of web development, from initial requirements gathering through to final acceptance testing. He is passionate about Perl programming, web standards and best practice.

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Tracey Rousell – Senior Product Manager


Tracey is responsible for ensuring that things run smoothly behind the scenes, by keeping a keen eye on clients’ MasterVision builds and helping to resolve any queries that arise. She has worked within the publishing industry for over 17 years, delivering content across various digital platforms.

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Jillian Monahan – Communications Director

profile_jillianJillian oversees all of the communications activities for DataSalon, and also gets directly involved in account management in order to stay in close contact with our clients. She has many years of experience within media and advertising agencies and has an excellent understanding both of the publishing industry and the charity sector.

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Rachel Margolis – Product Manager

Rachel helps run things behind the scenes, and particularly enjoys tackling data structure and formatting issues. Having begun her working life as a librarian, her interest in the automation and computing side of the job led to a move into online publishing, a field in which she now has 20 years’ experience.

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