The beliefs behind our business

With DataSalon’s 10th birthday fast approaching this summer, it seems like a good time to reflect on what makes us different, and why so many publishers have chosen to work with us over the years.

Our team have some strong beliefs about how to provide a service, which guide everything we do. Here’s what we believe:

Deliver the goods

We believe it’s our job to be “part of the solution” and not “part of the problem” when it comes to helping our clients solve complex data challenges. So we pride ourselves on delivering solutions which really work, and delivering them on time. Nobody needs yet another vendor adding delays and complications into the mix.

Stay focused

We also think it’s really important to stay focused: to do one thing really well, and not to spread ourselves too thinly. We’ve been devoting all of our efforts to making MasterVision as great as it possibly can be for scholarly publishers for nearly 10 years now. Our enthusiastic client base suggests we might be on to something.

Move quickly

One great benefit of being a small team is that we can do things quickly. There are no quarterly release cycles, no layers of management, and no red tape. Our whole way of working is built for rapid change, and new requests from clients are implemented week in, week out.

Give trusted advice

We also really value our independence as a small privately owned company. We’re not distracted by investor demands or competing interests, so we can provide neutral and trusted advice. We can also choose to give free resources back to the publishing community, as with our OrgRef project.

Provide a great service

We strongly believe that ‘Software as a Service’ should be as much about service as it is about software. So we don’t just sell our software, we also carefully project manage every implementation, and provide ongoing help and support. We also pro-actively keep talking to every one of our clients to develop new ideas together over time.

When our 10th company birthday comes around, it feels like there will be lots to celebrate. And if you feel like these are the kind of beliefs you share, please get in touch and let’s talk!