Clever segmentation the easy way

MasterVision gives you complete customer insight, allowing you to see inter-relations between data from different source systems. The multiple tabs in the search form allow you to search with ease across several different data sources at once. But what happens when you want to build up a more in-depth picture, perhaps involving both individual and institutional data? Here we take a look at our handy tool for combining simple searches into more complex ones.

Let’s say we’re trying to increase sales of the European Journal of Arachnology. An obvious market segment to target would be institutions with no subscription to that journal but with authors who submit articles to it.

Firstly, we identify the set of institutions that subscribe to the journal:


Next, we carry out a completely new search, for all authors who have submitted articles to the journal. MasterVision then makes it easy for us to move from this set of individuals to a list of their affiliated organizations, effectively giving us a new institutional search to use.

Now comes the clever bit! We simply select the two separate institutional searches in the list of ‘Recent Searches’, and click the ‘Combine Searches’ button. This gives us a Venn diagram in which the blue section is the set of institutions with no subscription to the journal but which have authors submitting to it:


We can then click on this section to get a set of search results consisting of those 3,243 records.

And it doesn’t stop there. You can also click on the other parts of the Venn diagram (in this case, the green section will give you the institutions with both a subscription and authors submitting to the journal). And the searches created from the Venn diagram can in their turn be combined with other searches, allowing you to build up ever more complicated searches in a series of easy steps.

Finding the correct audience for a particular marketing campaign can involve a complex set of search parameters. By working through your requirements in stages, using this tool, you can be sure that you’re reaching the segment you really want.