Empowering your editorial team with PaperStack

We recently announced the launch of our comprehensive new editorial reporting service, PaperStack, and gave you an overview of its reports and functionality. But in case you’re still wondering exactly how it can help you develop an effective and efficient publishing programme, let’s look at some of the use cases it supports.

Assess the efficiency of the editorial process: track average times from submission to first and final decisions to highlight any issues with specific journals or subject areas.


Attract high-quality submissions: view editorial activity at an institutional level and rank institutions by their submissions in order to suggest which to target when looking for new authors or reviewers.


Track reviewer performance: compare the average number of revisions and reviewers across different journals or subject areas.


Evaluate contributor diversity: see how authors and reviewers are distributed geographically to find under-represented countries or sales regions.


Tell the story behind overall trends: drill down through different levels of detail – from reporting across all products and submissions systems, through breakdown by different key areas, right down to a detailed timeline of an individual article’s workflow.


These are just some of the many insights that PaperStack can provide you with. To find out more, check out the new PaperStack microsite.