Introducing PaperStack

This month, we announced the launch of our exciting new product, PaperStack, the only editorial reporting service to provide a comprehensive reporting suite for the scholarly submissions process, including API integration with both ScholarOne and Editorial Manager. In an increasingly competitive market, with business models changing rapidly, it supports the development of the most effective publishing programme.

User-friendly reports

PaperStack includes a wide range of reports designed to give a full picture of the publishing process.


This set of reports will be continually reviewed so that they can be enhanced or added to in order to keep pace with emerging publisher requirements.

Functionality and flexibility

Various forms of visualisation, from charts to maps, are employed to present information in the reports in the most appropriate way.


Consistent filtering and breakdown options allow users to investigate particular slices of data, and to explore the detail behind the overall picture.


The complete picture

PaperStack incorporates data relating to all publishing activities from submission through to publication. This information is summarised in an easy-to-follow timeline.


A clean, standardised cross-journal view

Data is enhanced by linking it with other information (such as metadata from Crossref) and contextualised by matching it to industry data (GRID/Ringgold and ORCID), so that information can be viewed at an institutional, individual or article level.


Data is also matched to the Funder Registry database, allowing publishers to analyse sources of author funding and ensure compliance with funder mandates.

Simple set-up

PaperStack includes out-of-the box integration with ScholarOne and Aries Editorial Manager – once the API is set up, DataSalon take care of all the technical details, meaning that there is almost zero publisher overhead involved in setting up and maintaining the system.

See for yourself!

If you’d like to find out more about how PaperStack can benefit your publishing programme, please do get in touch for further details or to request a demo.