How green is your direct marketing?

As the public focus on the environment grows, there is increasing pressure on companies to reduce their environmental impact. Direct marketing has come under fire from those who see direct mail and inserts as ‘a waste of resources’. Here we highlight some simple and effective ways to make your direct marketing more environmentally friendly:

1. Cut out the waste: Huge amounts of resources are wasted each year mailing people twice, or mailing those who have moved house or died. Effective use of de-duplication techniques and suppression files can reduce your environmental impact and cut costs.

2. Recycled paper: By using recycled, or partially recycled paper, you can help reduce the amount of paper that ends up in landfill. The production methods for recycled paper are also more environmentally friendly than those for virgin stock. The quality and performance of recycled papers has improved considerably in recent years and the cost has come down making it a truly viable option.

3. Smarter targeting: Clever use of segmentation and analysis, such as that provided by MasterVision, can help reduce mailing quantities and improve response. Applied analysis of preferred response methods (e.g. mail vs email) can reduce paper use. Improving the targeting of your cold (i.e. acquisition) mail campaigns can also make your marketing more effective and reduce waste.

4. Green ink:…but not literally! Consider using vegetable oil based inks which are less harmful than mineral oil based inks. These greener inks are also derived from renewable resources.

5. Spread the word: Encourage your recipients to recycle your marketing materials and let them know the green measures you are taking. This will reassure them that you are taking environmental issues seriously and may encourage them to be more green themselves.