Smarter ways to search your contacts

One of the key features of the MasterVision system is the advanced search facility which allows you to create targeted searches across all of your contacts quickly and easily. Detailed below are just some of the clever searching features which are now available:

1. Tabbed search forms: It’s easy to search across all of your separate data sources in a single place simply by ‘tabbing’ between them. This approach means you can build up detailed searches across different data sources, without having to start again to add further fields to the query. Now it’s a trivial task to search for segments such as all US contacts, who are not subscribers, but who signed up for newsletters in the last year.

2. Recency, frequency and value: MasterVision can create extra fields to search your contacts using summary values such as the date of their most recent transaction (recency), total number of past transactions (frequency), and total lifetime value. Using these key ‘scores’ alone it’s possible to create extremely useful customer segments.

3. Distance from any postcode: Another neat feature allows you to search for all contacts within a given distance of any UK postcode. For example: if you are holding an event in the centre of Oxford and you would like to invite contacts who live nearby, you can easily search for all contacts who live within 10 miles of OX1.

4. Searching by numbers: For numeric fields (such as values and dates) it’s easy to search using ‘less than’, ‘greater than’ and ranges in order to pinpoint exactly the contacts you need. For example: to find every contact with a total value between $100 and $500, you’d simply search for “100-500” in the relevant field.

5. Using wildcards: In MasterVision the asterisk symbol can always be used as a ‘wildcard’ which will “match anything”. This can often be very handy: for example, to target contacts who work for UK academic institutions you could easily search all emails ending in “”.