Introducing MasterVision’s new advanced search

As part of DataSalon’s ongoing roadmap of enhancements to our MasterVision service, following its recent product redesign, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve now launched a new and improved ‘Advanced Search’ feature.

The advanced search was designed to make it easier for expert users of MasterVision to search across multiple data sources and to allow them to formulate complex Boolean searches, and that hasn’t changed. But users can now create their advanced queries in a quicker and more straightforward way, adding fields and values via a user-friendly interface.

There are separate tabs for the different record types (individuals, institutions, and consortia), with a field picker that offers only fields relevant to that type.

The fields are organised into expandable sections, with headings to make it easier to browse and pick from long lists of fields.

Users are then automatically offered the most appropriate method of specifying data values, according to the type of field chosen – this might be entering free text, selecting from a list of all possible values, or using a date picker widget.

Value lists all include a search box for quick and easy filtering, while free text entry has functionality to specify that the field starts or ends with, contains or doesn’t contain, or doesn’t match the text entered – supporting maximum flexibility when searching.

Finally, the queries that are built up via all these tools are colour-coded using syntax highlighting, making them easier to read and edit.

If you’re an existing user of MasterVision, check out the new advanced search – we’d love to hear your feedback. And if you’re still to discover the sales and marketing insights MasterVision can offer, why not get in touch for a demo of this and all its other great features?