Major redesign of MasterVision

Users of our MasterVision service will have noticed that it’s had a facelift recently. We’re really excited about completing this redesign project and we wanted to share with you some of its key benefits.

A clean new look: A more modern site, with neat icons and an uncluttered feel (as well as the option to hide some navigation features when they’re not being used), is great simply in terms of a more enjoyable user experience. But that’s not the only reason for keeping up with the latest design trends – a more minimalist web design works better on tablets and mobile devices, which are now being used to access MasterVision to an extent that we could never have imagined when the product was first developed back in 2006.

Consistency across our product portfolio: The redesign has brought MasterVision in line with our newer PaperStack service. This is beneficial to those of our clients who use both products, and has also allowed us to pull into MasterVision some of the features that have already been tried and tested in PaperStack.

Smart content loading: One of the new features borrowed from PaperStack is an improved style of tables. Rather than loading the data from a table in ‘pages’ to be clicked through, each table has a single view with a scroll bar – but because only the data you actually see on the screen is downloaded at any one time, this doesn’t affect performance. This is a significant enhancement for a product like MasterVision, which has so many large data tables.

Responsive design: We’ve already talked about the general look and feel of the site improving accessibility on tablets and mobile devices. We’ve also put lots of work into ensuring that each page of the site displays in the best way for the screen width available. This makes it more usable on smaller screens, for example a different table display kicks in to avoid horizontal scrolling.

But it also means that we make use of the full width available to users working on large screens, which is great for MasterVision features like analytics dashboards and the hierarchy viewer of relationships between records.

If you’re already a user of MasterVision, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the new design. And if you’re still to discover the insights it can offer your sales and marketing teams, why not get in touch for a demo of the new-look site?