The benefits of a 4-day week

We are proud to say that DataSalon is now a 4-day week employer! That means all of our employees now work a 4-day week, with no loss in pay. The team have chosen different days off, so rest assured that we still continue to provide our clients with full support 5 days a week.

So why have we moved to a 4-day week? Doesn’t that mean we’re now going to get 20% less work done? Well, quite a lot of research has been done into what really happens when businesses move to a 4-day week, and there are three big benefits:

  1. It’s better for employees. An improved work-life balance is hugely beneficial – with more time available for leisure, life admin, and just slowing down, all the research suggests an extra day off makes for happier and healthier people. Who wouldn’t want a whole day of ‘me-time’ every week?
  2. It’s better for employers. Here’s the surprising part: a 4-day week often means staff become more rather than less productive. We’ve all heard of ‘work smarter, not harder’. Studies suggest that a shorter working week means staff are less stressed, happier, and more ‘on it’ during working hours. It seems that extra day off is pretty motivating.
  3. It’s better for everyone else too. More free time means more time to spend with friends and family, and more time to help with traditionally undervalued tasks like caring and cleaning. For those who commute to work, working fewer days is also better for the environment.

Our own experience of a shorter working week has so far been very positive: all of the work is definitely still getting done, while staff are enjoying the time freed up for exercise, hobbies, admin and family.

If you’d like to find out more, the 4 Day Week Campaign website is a great place to start.