A new year’s quiz

A very happy new year from DataSalon! We thought we’d start off 2022 with a fun quiz – read on to test your knowledge of the publishing industry.

1. What does ROR stand for?
a. Ready Open Reader
b. Research Organization Registry
c. Research Options Record
d. Really Orange Rhino

2. According to Google Scholar, which journal published the largest number of articles in the last 5 years?
a. New England Journal of Medicine
b. Science
c. Nature
d. Advanced Materials

3. Which chart type is represented in the picture below?
a. Route map
b. Sankey diagram
c. Step flow
d. Squid chart

4. What is the name of the non-profit organisation that provides free, unique personal identifiers for researchers?

5. Which of these is not a real journal?
a. Procrastination
b. Weed Abstracts
c. Idealistic Studies
d. Fuzzy Systems

6. What is a DOI?
a. A digital organisational identifier
b. A digital object identifier
c. A diagonal object index
d. A dismal octagonal ibex

7. Which country has the most universities (according to 2020 data)?
a. USA
b. China
c. India
d. Russia

8. Which of these DataSalon staff members does not own a pet dog?
a. Nick (Managing Director)
b. Andy (Client Director)
c. Jon (Technical Director)
d. Tracey (Senior Project Manager)

9. Which of the following is not a popular web programming language?
a. Python
b. Ruby
c. Assemblex
d. Java

10. What is Microsoft’s monthly bundle of security-related bug fixes called?
a. Manic Monday
b. Patch Tuesday
c. Fix-it Friday
d. Secure Sunday

11. Which of the following is NOT a common version of Open Access?
a. Blended
b. Gold
c. Hybrid
d. Green

12. If you added together the length of all the bookshelves in the British Library, what figure would you get?
a. 146 kilometres
b. 346 kilometres
c. 546 kilometres
d. 746 kilometres

How did you do? Scroll down to view the answers.


  1. b – Research Organization Registry
  2. c – Nature
  3. b – Sankey Diagram
  4. d – ORCID
  5. a – Procrastination
  6. b – A digital object identifier
  7. c – India
  8. a – Nick Andrews (Managing Director)
  9. c – Assemblex
  10. b – Patch Tuesday
  11. a – Blended
  12. d – 746 kilometres