Understanding funders with PaperStack

Funding data has been of key importance to journal publishers for some time now, and recent events have if anything reinforced this. Plan S came into effect in January, so that it’s now essential that publishers can ensure they’re meeting funder mandates with regard to open access.  And if funders end up cutting their research budgets in response to the financial effect of the Covid crisis, then publishers will want to understand the likely knock-on effect on their own business.

DataSalon’s PaperStack service integrates with ScholarOne and/or Editorial Manager to provide publishers with comprehensive editorial reporting. There are many ways in which it can help you to understand the funder landscape and analyse the funding sources for the articles you publish.

Enhancing your data: Article funders are automatically matched both to the Funder Registry and to either Ringgold (subject to licence) or GRID (free), which between them provide excellent coverage of scholarly institutions. The automatching provides clean profile data for each funder (which may be referred to in different ways in different manuscripts), and allows you to explore the relationships between authors, articles and their funders.

Viewing your data: Each article submission has its own detailed record, which clearly lists all its funders.

Searching your data: Because PaperStack links up all the data relating to a particular person or organization, a single search will allow you to find articles supported by any given funder, across all your journals and (if relevant) across different peer review systems.

Reporting on your data: Reports can be broken down or filtered by funder, for example to see which are the biggest funders or to assess the impact on submissions of a funder’s budgetary cuts. And since all reports are downloadable in a choice of CSV, Excel and PDF format, it’s easy to share information with funders in order to fulfil any reporting requirements they might impose.

If you’d like to find out more about these and other great features of PaperStack, please get in touch to arrange a demo.