Reviewer scorecards in PaperStack

Here at DataSalon, we’re continually reviewing and refining our products to ensure they meet the needs of our clients. This month, we’d like to share with you the latest cool feature to be added to PaperStack: reviewer scorecards.

The reviewer scorecard provides a handy summary of a reviewer’s past performance across journals, with essential statistics that provide an indication of their reliability and efficiency. This means that, even where a journal editor has no personal experience of working with a potential reviewer, they can benefit from the experience of editors of other journals within the publisher’s portfolio.

Because PaperStack takes care of all the work involved in integrating with peer review system APIs, extracting the relevant data, and linking up all the information relating to a particular person into a single record, it makes it easy for you to see a complete picture of reviewer activity across all your journals and across all the peer review systems you use (ScholarOne, Editorial Manager and eJournalPress are all supported).

The scorecard statistics answer key questions about the reviewer:

  • do they mostly accept or decline invitations?
  • are they currently active?
  • where they accept an invitation, are they reliable about completing the review?
  • do they complete the review in good time?

There might, of course, be simple reasons behind potentially problematic figures – perhaps the declined requests were all within a particular timeframe when the reviewer was unavailable, or the articles were all on the same subject that the reviewer felt was outside their area of expertise. To delve further into the data, you can simply scroll down for a full timeline of the reviewer’s activity, including article titles. And if it’s still important to approach an expert, even though their past performance hasn’t been ideal, then the scorecard will at least help with planning and expectation setting.

If you’d like to find out more about reviewer scorecards, as well as the other ways in which PaperStack can provide you with comprehensive cross-journal reporting, please contact us for a demo.