Top 10 April Fool’s Day jokes

As the dust settles on another fun-filled April 1st, we look back on some of the Web’s best April Fool’s Day jokes from this and previous years. Not that we fell for any of these, of course…

From this year…

Instant Beer

“Beer is not the answer. Beer is the question. Yes is the answer”. Easy to pack, store, or drink any time, Kingfisher’s instant beer comes in a handy sachet you can carry in your pocket. Just mix with water for a pitcher full of good times.

The Mobile Stationary Bike

Planet Fitness introduces a “paradigm shift in stationary mobility” – the mobile stationary bike. Combining the convenience of a regular exercise bike with the freedom of the great outdoors, it truly provides “the space you deserve – a breath of fresh air”.

Online Pregnancy Test

Taking advantage of “the latest technological innovations”, this new online pregnancy test aims to bring convenience to millions of women and couples around the world. After providing a few basic details such as age and gender, simply place a few drops of urine on your screen for instant results…

Special Edition Burgers

McDonald’s sparked some heated debate recently on “is it or isn’t it a Big Mac?” after adding bacon to their signature beef patty. No such controversy here, with the new McPickle Burger and Glow in the Dark Burger – the perfect snack to end a big night out.

Locating Lego

Missing that crucial piece when building your Lego Death Star? Look no further than the new Find My Brick app – coming soon to a mobile device near you. Can also help avoid the night-time pain of stepping on that unexpected brick left on the critical path between bedroom and bathroom.

From previous years…

Author Delivery Service

Not content with posting parcels, Amazon announced a brand new service promising to deliver your favourite authors direct to your front door. The promotional video features a jump-suited Patricia Cornwell traversing land, sea and air in order to arrive on time.

Doggie Dating

With “94% of dogs reporting they’re happiest in monogamous relationships”, online dating site Eharmony launched a special Canine Compatibility Companion Service. This helped users create puppy profiles based on the key pet personality traits for predicting successful matches.

Smarter Homes

Introducing Google GNOME, the next evolution of the smart home – and it’s just outside your window. “OK GNOME, turn on the garden hose…”. Honourable mention should also go to Amazon’s Petlexa which cleverly interprets barks, miaows and tweets.

Food to Order

In an ‘experimental April release’, Adobe Illustrator allowed users to convert their on-screen creations into an instant takeaway order. Simply draw a slice of pizza, drag it into the new ‘Food Finder’ panel, and have it delivered to your door.

Tiny Tools

Every year, devices get smaller and smaller, making them trickier for users to repair. Step in iFixit’s Micro Tech Toolkit, a handy selection of tiny tools all tested by Howard the hamster, the “Micro Tech Tool Expert”.