Introducing our new tagline…

Recently we’ve been working on a new tagline – one which sums up everything we strive to achieve at DataSalon, on behalf of the many publishers we work with. We’re now pleased to unveil the result:

Better data. Better insight. Better business. 

We think this neatly captures what we believe in, and soon it will begin to appear on our website and other materials. Here’s a little ‘behind the scenes’ summary of our thought process in choosing this:

Better data

Every publisher is awash with data about authors, subscriptions, usage, and a whole lot more. But in order to make good use of it, all that data needs to be clean, correct, and trusted. This part of the tagline references the tools and expertise we provide to help solve those difficult challenges of data quality, data cleansing, and de-duplication.

Better insight

With MasterVision we help publishers turn information into insight by connecting up customer data from many different source systems into a single view. This is particularly important for management and marketing teams, who need quick access to a complete 360° view for every individual and institution, with tools which make it easy to search, segment, and visualise all of that information.

Better business

Everything we do revolves around supporting the bottom line for our clients. ‘Better business’ refers to our track record of helping publishers to mine their customer data to drive revenue: by securing renewals, identifying strong new sales opportunities, and supporting strategic planning with accurate information about broader trends in author, customer, and usage activity.

So there you have it. We’re really passionate about this stuff, and hopefully our  new tagline will help all of our clients (both present and future) to share this broader vision of what DataSalon is all about.