The lighter side of MasterVision

MasterVision offers a wide range of powerful features to provide publishers with complete insight into their customers, and we have a strong core of data analysts and ‘power users’ who make regular use of its extensive functionality. But for those who need only a small subset of this functionality, to address their own very specific use cases, MasterVision now provides a simplified, admin-controlled view that can be tailored to the specific requirements of staff members from different departments with differing reporting needs.

The MasterVision experience has been enhanced with the introduction of a simplified version of the interface that takes users directly to the data they need, allowing them to interact more quickly with that data via pre-set searches and dashboards.

For example, a sales user, with a remit to investigate new sales opportunities, may wish to focus on a key set of searches to highlight and target certain market segments. They may want to draw on the numerous touch points within the customer data to get to the most relevant groups. However, being able to do this quickly to meet targets and deadlines is vitally important. While MasterVision cleverly makes this kind of insight possible, it’s now even quicker and easier!

Pre-set search templates associated with clear export rules allow staff to simply choose from their own list of relevant use cases, fill in a few key fields to meet their current needs, and get the data tailored to their own area of responsibility. All this happens in just a few clicks!


Other users may require access to a particular set of metrics, for reporting on targets at key points in the financial year or sales cycle. Their personal accounts can be set up so that they see the relevant dashboard as soon as they log into MasterVision. Each dashboard is automatically updated as new customer data is loaded into MasterVision, which means users always see the latest available information.


We believe this new feature will help many more staff to get the most out of MasterVision – with the minimum of effort. If you’d like to find out more about getting tailored user views of your customer data, or would like to request a demo, then please do get in touch.