A note from your customers

Email marketing is a great way to speak to your contacts, but there is always the potential to annoy rather than inspire them. Here are a few of our own ideas of things your customers would (probably) love to tell you:

1. Don’t send me irrelevant information. You know my interests, since I took the trouble to tick the boxes on your sign-up form, and you also know which products and services I’ve bought from you over the last few years. So please remember to contact me only about things I’m likely to be interested in!

2. DO send me relevant information. I signed up for emails for a reason! If I discover there’s a new publication or local event which is relevant to me and I don’t receive an email notification, I begin to feel forgotten and wonder whether my sign-up was worth it.

3. Please don’t bombard me. I’m not sure why I got two different emails from you this week, one from “Marketing” and one from your “Sales” team? I signed up for emails from your company but I’m not so keen on receiving separate messages from every internal department!

4. Respect my preferences. I’ve let you know whether I wish to be contacted by phone or post and that I wish to receive plain text rather than HTML emails. Please respect these choices, and above all, if I decide to unsubscribe in future, please don’t send me any further messages.

5. Make me feel special. Receiving targeted offers and advance info that are exclusive to email subscribers highlights the value of being on your mailing list – and the more valued I feel the more likely I am to remain a loyal customer.