Why web-based is best

Our core product, DataSalon MasterVision, is a fully web-based solution, and the rise of ‘Web 2.0’ has seen a trend for applications of all types being brought online. Below we list the key reasons why we think web-based is often the best approach:

1. No installation. Pure online applications require only a standard web browser, meaning there’s no need for installation CDs, setup wizards, or assistance from your system admin to get started. Well-designed online systems will also be fully accessible, require no special plugins, and be compatible with a wide range of PC and Mac browsers – so users can just log in and start working. Compared with installed software, this offers an extremely quick and easy way to get up and running.

2. No hardware purchase. Any major database application will require some serious hardware to run on, but as a web-based service, that’s not your problem! Choosing solutions which are fully hosted and managed removes the significant expense and hassle of buying, installing and maintaining high-spec servers and databases. This also means you’re not left tied to a solution having ‘sunk’ a small fortune setting it up – web-based services can be trialled without long-term commitment.

3. Works anywhere. Whether you are at work, home, or travelling, web-based systems can be accessed from anywhere. For organisations with multiple office locations, or staff who are frequently ‘on the road’, this means the web-based approach is often the ONLY appropriate option. Appropriate controls such as secure passwords and IP address locking can be put in place to ensure that only authorised users access the system.

4. Automatic upgrades. Old-fashioned installed software typically does not change very often, and when upgrades are made, the client must find the time for installation, testing and problem-solving. With a hosted solution, upgrades are just another part of the managed service, which means that frequent system enhancements can be made – making new features available to every client on a regular basis.

5. Supplier firmly ‘on the hook’. With a web-based system, ensuring constant availability and uptime is all part of the service, so the smooth running of the entire system is firmly ‘not your problem’. Any issues with performance can be managed via service level agreements, and suitable service monitoring and reporting can be put in place. Compared to an installed system, where problems can often lead to a lengthy debate between the supplier and your own IT team, this is significantly easier, and cheaper, to manage.