A winning combination: targeted segments in MasterVision

DataSalon’s MasterVision service integrates all your data from different source systems and as a result offers powerful functionality for searching and segmenting. We typically include a large number and variety of sources in a publisher set-up, including subscriptions, article submissions, usage and denials. This means that searches can potentially become quite complicated, which is where our visual Venn diagram segmentation tool comes in.

This tool is invaluable when you need to cross-refer different data sets in order to home in on your target market, such as finding institutions with no subscription to a journal but with submitting authors, or finding institutions with subscriptions but with low usage. It’s a way of combining simple searches into more complex ones without having to get to grips with the search syntax that runs behind the scenes – you create the searches individually then combine them as a separate step.

To take a basic example, let’s look at institutions subscribing to two related journals, in order to target cross-selling opportunities. It’s as simple as searching for subscribers to Journal A, then searching for subscribers to Journal B, then combining those two segments, like this:

The resulting Venn diagram provides a visual representation of how the two segments overlap.

So now we can see that customers frequently buy both journals – thus institutions in the blue and yellow outer segments, who only subscribe to one of the two, are likely to be good sales targets for the other title. Each segment is clickable, so that you can easily export lists of customers for promoting the two titles.

This is a simple example, but our Venn diagram view supports combining 2 or 3 different segments. What’s more, when you click on one of its segments, the resulting search is in its turn added to the recent search list, so can itself be combined with other searches. This allows you to build up ever more complex searches in a series of easy visual steps.

Combining searches in this way also makes things easier when the data you’re analysing is at a mix of the institutional and individual levels. Going back to the example of institutions with submitting authors but which don’t subscribe: once you have a list of authors who submit to the journal, MasterVision provides a quick link to their affiliated institutions, giving you an institutional search that you can combine with the list of subscribing institutions.

If you’d like to see our Venn diagrams in action, along with MasterVision’s other tools for creating targeted lists for prospecting, cross-selling and renewals, then please do get in touch for a demo.