Essential stats for Read & Publish deals

The Plan S deadline is drawing near: from 1 January 2021, scientific research funded by public grants should be published open access (OA). So publishers are increasingly involved in negotiating transformative agreements to move libraries away from a subscription model and towards an OA one.

Whether agreements are ‘Read & Publish’ (bundling together the payment for reading articles and the payment for publishing them) or ‘Publish & Read’ (concentrating on article processing fees and including access at no extra cost), an understanding of previous levels of article submissions and usage is essential in informing the negotiation process – and this is where MasterVision can prove an invaluable tool.

Data collection: DataSalon can collect data directly from other systems using their APIs, so that up-to-date information can be loaded into MasterVision. This includes submissions data from ScholarOne and Editorial Manager, and COUNTER 5 usage data (which includes valuable Gold OA usage).

Dashboards: Key submissions and usage figures can be displayed in chart and tabular form and saved as dashboards that are easy to export and share with customers. MasterVision allows reporting for both institutions and consortia, supporting negotiations at any level of the library hierarchy.

Estimating publishing fees: MasterVision links authors to the institutions they work for, making it simple to see how many articles from a particular institution were accepted over a given period of time. This allows article processing fees to be estimated for a potential customer.

Identifying VIP authors: Authors with multiple accepted submissions can easily be identified so that they can be marked for fast-track review in future, ensuring that they have a good experience of working with a particular journal.

Flagging dormant authors: Previously accepted authors who haven’t submitted any articles recently can be flagged up, allowing them to be approached for fresh submissions.

Finding new authors: Since all the different data sources are linked together into a single customer view, it’s easy to find institutions with high usage but low article submissions for a particular journal, which are a good target when looking for new submissions.

MasterVision’s reporting tools are highly customisable according to your particular data and needs. So if transformative agreements are something you’re currently getting to grips with, why not get in touch for a chat about how we can help?