A little light relief

To provide some distraction from the difficult times we find ourselves in, here are some of our favourite Easter eggs of the non-chocolate variety. The term is used to describe hidden features in software, and Google products are full of these if you know where to look.

Retro games: For a bit of nostalgia, google ‘pacman’ or ‘snake’ and press ‘Play’. Or, if adventure games were more your thing, search for ‘text adventure’, press ‘F12’ to open developer tools, and select the ‘Console’ tab. You’ll be asked if you’d like to play a game – type ‘yes’ to begin your adventure.

Handy tools: Need a countdown or stopwatch? Simply google ‘timer’. Or doing some music practice? Try ‘metronome’.

Language fun: If you’re tired of searching in boring old English, click the ‘Settings’ option below the search box and select ‘Languages’. The full selection under ‘Show More’ is so comprehensive that it includes ‘Hacker’, ‘Klingon’ and ‘Pirate’.

Hidden gems: Some searches yield little extras in the knowledge graph information box to the right of your search results. Look for ‘wizard of oz’ and click on the ruby slippers. Or, for fans of Friends, type in the names of any of the six main characters (Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Rachel Green, Ross Geller) – chorus of Smelly Cat, anyone?

Livening up Google Maps: Do you find the little yellow ‘Pegman’ for browsing Street View in Google Maps a little dull? Zoom in on Loch Ness or Buckingham Palace and look at him now.

We’re guessing the majority of you are now stuck at home, so we hope these have brightened up your day – but please remember to do some work in between games of Pacman!