MasterVision UK Publisher User Group

Said Business School Oxford – the location of the user group

We recently held our UK publisher user group where representatives from many of our publishing clients had the opportunity to get together in Oxford and discuss issues related to using MasterVision within their organisations. The user group is an important event that reaps benefits for both us and our clients.

First and foremost the user group is a forum for our clients to meet each other and share mutual experiences. We consulted closely with the attendees to set the agenda around topics that matter most to them, and asked for discussion points in advance to allow all topics of interest to be scheduled into the meeting. Themes that were covered on the day included the use of manuscript and author data in marketing campaigns, data quality and data governance, and managing complex organisational hierarchies in customer data.

We also allowed plenty of time on the day for networking and discussion, as it is often this which clients find most beneficial. The user group is an opportunity to share experiences, make new contacts, and realise that many publishers share mutual issues when it comes to managing their customer data.

The user group is also invaluable for us. Here at DataSalon we place a great emphasis on client relations. We are constantly developing MasterVision based on feedback and suggestions from clients. Each client’s MasterVision site is customised to their specific requirements, and we are always looking for functional improvements that we can roll out to all of our clients. The user group is an excellent opportunity for us to get feedback on product development ideas and to see what challenges our clients are facing that we might be able to assist with.

The feedback from our user group so far is that it was a valuable meeting for all that attended. We hope that the ideas and developments that were proposed in the meeting will soon help to improve MasterVision for all of our clients.