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Forthcoming Events

Our client Director, Colin Meddings, will be speaking at some forthcoming events in 2014, so don’t forget to put these dates in your diary. ALPSP Seminar – January First up is a reminder about the seminar organised by the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers entitled ‘Data, the universe and everything’. The seminar is […]

MasterVision behind the scenes

For our clients, MasterVision provides a sleek representation of all their customer data and gives a clear, joined-up view across multiple data sources. But much like an elegant swan on a lake, there’s more effort going on under the surface than you might think. This month, our Senior Product Manager Tracey Rousell takes a look […]

Introducing our new Client Director

We’re very pleased to welcome Colin Meddings to the DataSalon team, who joined us this month as Client Director. Most recently Colin worked in institutional marketing at Oxford University Press, and over the years he has held a variety of marketing roles within academic publishing. We’ve asked him to introduce himself by sharing a few […]

A beginner’s guide to data governance

As we saw in last month’s article (“Why data quality matters”), the issue of data quality is becoming an essential point of basic good practice for all scholarly publishers. So, having noted the pitfalls of bad data and the benefits of good data, what practical steps can you take to improve things? This is where […]

Why data quality matters

“Only four types of organisations need to worry about data quality: Those that care about their customers; Those that care about profit and loss; Those that care about their employees; and Those that care about their futures.” – Thomas C. Redman (2006) Over recent years publishers have had to overcome many hurdles in the digital […]

Understanding the analytics iceberg

Publishers are awash with useful data about authors, customers, usage, and plenty more, and it has never been easier to grab a set of numbers, put together a few charts in Excel, and create some interesting reports. Suppliers have been doing this kind of thing for years of course: with email marketing providers charting open […]

The 7 deadly sins of data quality

One of the side effects of creating an integrated single customer view with a system like MasterVision is that it can bring to light issues of data quality which may previously have been hidden from view in various separate source systems. Since data quality is a tricky concept, let’s take a quick tour of the […]

Why all projects are a bit like the Olympics

With the Olympic torch now extinguished and the Paralympics just underway, we’ve been reflecting on what we could learn from this summer’s London games. Although the multi-million pound budget and worldwide scope were on a somewhat larger scale than those of your typical business or IT project, we did note some points of comparison, and […]

Why targeted marketing matters

In our time of email marketing it’s relatively cheap to send a mass message to all of your contacts, and it’s also easier to create a campaign like that, since there’s no effort required to select the most relevant contact list. While this can be valid in some contexts (eg. to a niche list, or […]

How engaged are your customers?

A key first step to a better understanding of your customer relationships and to tailoring your communications to contacts is to bring all of your customer data together into a single view. This is a good starting point but it’s not necessarily ‘actionable insight’. What might be really useful here are comparative measures ‘sat on […]


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